Friday, April 13, 2018

The World Is Full Of Monsters, Beware!

I am writing this with a heavy heart. 

I just learnt that the world we live in is really cruel. After hearing the news I don't think any one of you would be able to digest it.

Well, its about how an innocent soul was ripped into pieces by the monsters.

As per the news,  In early January 2018, Asifa Bano, an 8-year-old girl was brutally raped and murdered in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The incident sparked violent protests in the area as the men arrested for the crime are Hindu, and the child belonged to a nomadic community of Muslim shepherds.

The police officials said that the suspect grabbed her by the neck and forced her to take sleeping pills. With the help of a friend, she was confined in a Hindu temple, drugged, raped for five days by a group of men. On January 17, Asifa’s crumpled body was found in the forest, in the same purple dress, smeared with blood.
Eight men have been arrested in connection with the murder case and several have confessed, where the killing took place. Also, the crime was intricately planned by Sanji Ram, the temple custodian, who they say agreed to pay local officers 500,000 rupees to create false evidence that would lead investigators away from him and his men.
Society believes that a girl gets raped because she provoked the male. In this case, could you really tell that? Could the 8 year old girl have provoked those grown educated men into raping  and torturing her multiple times?
Moreover, people have started fighting over the religions. It has now turned into Hindu - Muslim issue. Did this little girl lose her life for monsters in the society to fight over the religion?
I truly pray that the monster pay the price for their cruel deeds. I also pray for the safety of women and children all over the world.
Justice must be served, hard and fast.
RIP Asifa!


I wake up in the morning,
With a new thought
With a new hope.

The fresh cool breeze
The green plants
That surrounds me.

Gives me the courage
Gives me pleasure
Give me motivation.

I feel so energetic
To do something
Innovative and creative.

Because of which
I try doing things
Which makes my parents proud?

I feel satisfied
Excited and happy
Seeing a smile on their face.

It was because of me
That they are content
And happy than ever.

This makes me do
More good things
In order to see their happiness.

Exactly what a child does
To make a good environment
For their parents who took care of them.

Never Expected!

I never thought, I would see this day
Never in my wildest dream did I think
I would live up to be broken
In the end I would have to suffer.

Is this a way of showing hatred?
Towards my existence?
Is life really cruel enough to punish me
And that too for something that I haven't done!

All I asked for is love,
But received only hatred.
And deceived by my loved ones,
Whom I adored with my heart.

I would wake up every morning,
Only to see them smiling,
Like an innocent baby,
Who seem to enjoy his candy?

It is incredulous, that they despise me
Though I haven't done any sin.
I'm engulfed in a desolate sea
Of life which doesn't have any meaning.

Vivid images of blest memory flashes
Across my mind which makes way,
To a smile on my face
Second later it is switched to a frown.

Memories are long forgotten,
Because memories are to relive the moment,
But reliving the memories,
Would come reminding of hatred towards me.

There is a hope deep inside,
That one fine morning,
I would wake up and find,
That their hatred was just a nightmare.

Alas! Realization hits my nerves,
That I'm in a dream of life
Where there is no waking up,
This indeed is a fact to be dwelled upon.

There is no returning to the golden days,
I have to live with this hatred,
Throughout my existence in this world,
I would live a life, but without a soul.

Obsession For You!

I open my eyes to see you
But with the fear
That you will vanish
Soon when I do that.

You are like an illusion
I see you near me
I feel your presence within my heart
I can hear you breathe.

But you seem to disappear
Like the Santa Clause in Christmas
Why is it like that?
Is it that I have started falling in love with you?

Be it in my illusion or my real world
I want you to be mine
I want to feel you
I want to be in your arms.

I want you also to feel the same
I should be the special one for you, just like you are to me
I should be the one whom
You crave for the most, even when your unconscious.

My Angel

I was alone though I had many people around me
I was sad, though the aura was joyful and peaceful.

I didn't have anyone around me
When I needed someone the most.

I wanted to share my feelings
My pain, my happiness to someone.

I wanted a person who would listen to me
A person to console me when I'm crying.

A person to pacify me when I am angry
A person who would sit with me for hours.

Just to be with me the whole day
Just to hear my voice.

Just listen to my stories even though it's a bad one
Just to hold my hands and walk with me.

It was right then when you waltzed into my life
Like a prince charming, who is going to create a magical world.

And yes! You were an angel to me
Because it was you who changed my life like a topsy- turvy land.

I felt that I was living a fairy tale
All my pain, my sorrows, my worries just vanished in to the air.

It never came back to me, though it tried
But you were there for me, stopping it even before it came.

And you succeeded in it well enough
And I became a new person in many ways.

I was not that person anymore who had a sad aura around me
I was cheerful, and I had nothing to worry.

I had you beside me, to support
Your love and care for me was enough to cure me.

Everything started falling in its place on their own accord,
Just as you came in my life as a fresh breath of air.

You, you and you!

A happy day to my wonderful readers out there! I am back to business after a long time, might I add. What can I say? I am a typical human, ...