Friday, April 13, 2018

My Angel

I was alone though I had many people around me
I was sad, though the aura was joyful and peaceful.

I didn't have anyone around me
When I needed someone the most.

I wanted to share my feelings
My pain, my happiness to someone.

I wanted a person who would listen to me
A person to console me when I'm crying.

A person to pacify me when I am angry
A person who would sit with me for hours.

Just to be with me the whole day
Just to hear my voice.

Just listen to my stories even though it's a bad one
Just to hold my hands and walk with me.

It was right then when you waltzed into my life
Like a prince charming, who is going to create a magical world.

And yes! You were an angel to me
Because it was you who changed my life like a topsy- turvy land.

I felt that I was living a fairy tale
All my pain, my sorrows, my worries just vanished in to the air.

It never came back to me, though it tried
But you were there for me, stopping it even before it came.

And you succeeded in it well enough
And I became a new person in many ways.

I was not that person anymore who had a sad aura around me
I was cheerful, and I had nothing to worry.

I had you beside me, to support
Your love and care for me was enough to cure me.

Everything started falling in its place on their own accord,
Just as you came in my life as a fresh breath of air.

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