Friday, April 13, 2018

Never Expected!

I never thought, I would see this day
Never in my wildest dream did I think
I would live up to be broken
In the end I would have to suffer.

Is this a way of showing hatred?
Towards my existence?
Is life really cruel enough to punish me
And that too for something that I haven't done!

All I asked for is love,
But received only hatred.
And deceived by my loved ones,
Whom I adored with my heart.

I would wake up every morning,
Only to see them smiling,
Like an innocent baby,
Who seem to enjoy his candy?

It is incredulous, that they despise me
Though I haven't done any sin.
I'm engulfed in a desolate sea
Of life which doesn't have any meaning.

Vivid images of blest memory flashes
Across my mind which makes way,
To a smile on my face
Second later it is switched to a frown.

Memories are long forgotten,
Because memories are to relive the moment,
But reliving the memories,
Would come reminding of hatred towards me.

There is a hope deep inside,
That one fine morning,
I would wake up and find,
That their hatred was just a nightmare.

Alas! Realization hits my nerves,
That I'm in a dream of life
Where there is no waking up,
This indeed is a fact to be dwelled upon.

There is no returning to the golden days,
I have to live with this hatred,
Throughout my existence in this world,
I would live a life, but without a soul.

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