Friday, August 11, 2017

Reappearing Ghosts always have to die at some point

Hey guys, I am back, alive and kicking. Just kidding...

So how is it going for you? Hope you didn't have any mishaps like I had? Now don't go wondering about me. It is nothing, just some personal stuffs which I will eventually share with you all.

Ok... So just a quick question. How long have I been out of station? I mean how long I haven't written a word?

I guess too long.

I have reasons why I haven't written. I am not trying to reason, just stating the points.

First thing, I was literally busy with college stuffs. Had my models, sem practicals etc.

Second thing, I wanted to concentrate on my story, which I have been working on for the past one year.

Let's just say, I hardly reached 40 chapters with nearly 4k. It is mainly because I am not punctual and as dedicated as I want to be.

So I know you are thinking which book is it?  Let me put out the misery for you. The book's name is "Souls Bound Together Forever".

This can be found in Wattpad or simply type it in the google but don't forget to mention the book name with author's name aka my name; ArIaNa.

You guys should really check it out.

Whatever it is I am here not to talk wholly about my book, though its a partial reason why I started the blog because I want to be able to help others by bringing some positive change in their lives.

I had many people caring and understanding me when I had break downs. I had helping hands pushing me up straight to stand up back on my feet when I was not able to do on my own.

Like I had shadows, I want to be their shadows, who thinks that this is the end of the world.

Guys, trust me. It is not. You have your entire life in front of you. Just sort out your priorities fine and you will do great.

Don't let others walk over you, fight it. Stand up tall, head high and face your worst nightmare. Because there is someone who is always backing you, your shadow. You are never alone.

So don't back off, no matter what. Sometimes your worst nightmares can turn into your stregnth. Maybe fighting them off on your own will help you figure your way out to a beautiful life.

So guys "Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest"

Keep fighting cause you Rock 🎸, no matter what. You are the star of your own kingdom.

If you want to share something of your personal stuff, please be free to do so. I will always be there to help you out.

Have a nice day ahead folks!!


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